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Sonate pour deux pianos

Concerto pour deux pianos et orchestre à cordes


Malvina et Filippo Renault-Antonelli

Duo Scaramouche



Carte Blanche à Andrew Downes

14,90 €Prix

    This work was specially commissioned by Joseph Weingarten and Margaret Newman for their concerts in aid of the Interdenominational Society for Soviet Jewry. it was first performed by them on July 12th 1987 in the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham. The recording of this first performance has been broadcast many times on Musicians Page Radio, Los Angeles, USA. 

    Numerous subsequent performances of this work have been given. The Sonata was given its Israel premiere by Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir on 31st January 1989 in the Israel Philharmonic Guest House, Tel Aviv, in a concert with members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, celebrating the return to Israel of the Refusnik, Elena Keiss-Kuna. The work was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 by Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir in 1990, as part of a broadcast recital which they gave in the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham. 

    The Duo Scaramouche have played the work at several venues throughout Europe, including the Salle des Arts, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Paris (October 1995); on French Radio - 'France Musique' (November 1995); and on Italian Radio and Television, in a full length programme filmed at the Chiesa Sant'Andrea, Barletta, and featuring an interview with the composer (March 1996). 


    Commissioned by the Bishop of Naples to celebrate the restoration of the Cathedral of Barletta, S.Italy. Piano parts written especially for the Duo Scaramouche. The Italian premiere had to be postponed because of tragic earthquake damage to the restored cathedral. 

    At the British premiere, on November 27th 1997 in the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham, and at the French premiere on March 11th 1998 in the Salle Cortot, Paris, the Avison Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Steven Lloyd, accompanied the Duo Scaramouche.  The first London performance, by the Duo Scaramouche with Symphonia UK, conducted by Steven Lloyd, took place at St James, Piccadilly, in August 1999. A video recording was made of this concert and can be viewed on TouTube.

    The work has been broadcast many times on Musicians Page Radio, Los Angeles, USA. During Andrew Downes' 70th birthbay year, all 3 movements were broacast online, in August 2020.

    'Appropriately, much of its thematic material derives from the close scalic nature of plainsong; rhythms and textures reflect the composer's interest in World Music. Within these parameters the work strikes as another example of Downes' craftsmanship.'


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